Why We Are Doing It On N 6th St

North 6th Street is the center of the Brooklyn music universe. From the countless indie artists who have broken their careers at the Music Hall of Williamsburg, to the infamous Bunker nights that went until 5am in the back room of Public Assembly, to the cutting edge djs at the underground dance cave AKA The Cove, North 6th is the present and the future home of forward thinking music.

Besides the fact that MeanRed headquarters used to be located on N. 6th, the abundance of nightlife and its convenience to Manhattan made it the obvious choice for BEMF. We are occupying six of the best clubs with one of the best lineups in New York music festival history. Music Hall Of Williamsburg, and Cameo on the same block  (in past years we included Public Assembly, The Cove, and Zabloski’s too) with Glasslands, Villain, 285 Kent and Output around the corner. All of the BEMF 2013 venues will be filled to the brim with the best up-and-coming, underground, and veteran electronic musicians that you won’t get elsewhere.

And that is exactly why we’re doing it on North 6th Street — this isn’t your average festival. This is integrated into the neighborhood of Williamsburg. There’s re-entry and mobility, you can go get a pack of smokes if you run out, you can grab a bite at any one of the dozens of restaurants in the area. We’re bringing in bigger acts to  clubs we all know (plus one bar that we’ve all “ended up at” late at night). Brooklyn is our city, and we’re bringing you a homegrown DIY urban music fest, built with friends on a dancefloor.

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