Interdimensional brings Detroit to Brooklyn

BEMF is excited to bring a specific slice of Detriot sound to Brooklyn for this iteration of the Bunker party – a seminal Brooklyn staple, now in it’s 10th year. Detroit label Interdimensional Transmissions will be in the house in full force with label mates Erika, BMG and Carlos Souffront bringing their blend of spacey techno/house.

Founded by BMG with Erika in 1994 on the basis of colliding dimensions and mystic voices, Interdimensional Transmissions isĀ  a psychedelic outpost of electronic music. It’s a diverse crew, with influences ranging from indie rock, post punk, ambient, house and techno, but the Interdimensional Transmissions DJs are all equally entrenched in moody, rhythmic complexity and know how to bring the party. Accompanied by fellow Detroit pioneer Mike Servito and Bunker founder Bryan Kasenic, it’s destined to be a night of mystical DJ magic.

Erika “North Hex” from Interdimensional Transmissions on Vimeo.

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Erika by Amy Hubbarth (1280x853)

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