Teki Latex

Revealed as part of TTC – the band way beyond your average French hiphop band – and cofounder of Institubes Records, Teki Latex later confessed his true pop heart with the “Party de Plaisir” LP in 2007 where he invites French 1980s cult pop singer Lio to the candy like intimacy of his “Matins de Paris” (Parisian Mornings).

“Mes Pelures Sont Plus Belles Que Vos Fruits” (2009) street album came out while the Sound Pellegrino label was developing – with Teki as co­AD and co­boss since 2008 – and instinctively releasing tracks/entities in digital ways: stripped down house music, techno or “tropical” ambient, sometimes a hint of British garage… Zombie Disco Squad, Bobmo or L­Vis 1990 are all Teki’s signatures as he releases his own EP – “Answers”, “Dinosaurs With Guns”, “I Was Sober” – which is played in clubs while the author himself is turning into a dedicated DJ.

30% Sound Pellegrino, 30% house classics, 20% new stuff, 10% hiphop, and the same amount of weirdness. At the decks, Teki likes to taste a bit of everything: delighting party animals with club tunes as well as deviant and minimalist tracks, or his hiphop and pop fundamentals… His selection a constant reaction to the energy offered by the multitude.

Going solo or as a duo (in the Sound Pellegrino Thermal Team with Orgasmic), Teki has already blown away Australia, the USA, Japan ¬– this last stop also allowing a textile mating with Big O and Phenomenon – and Barcelona (Razzmatazz). In Paris, he never ceases to please those who come to dance/drink/seduce at Baron, Social Club, Showcase, Régine’s, Bataclan, or at the Moulin Rouge’s Machine.
Highly enjoyable moments indeed, vibed up by his remixes – such as those for Bobmo or Canblaster with Para One – in which we get a chance to hear his “vocal house 2010″ voice style.

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