Rockie Fresh

If you haven’t heard the buzz yet, let it be known that Chicago native Rockie Fresh is quickly becoming your next favorite rapper. Only 21-years-old and starting his music career just a few years ago, Rockie is already one of the hottest up-and-comers in hip-hop.  Just off of his signing to Rick Ross’ Maybach Music Group label in 2012, the young artist is poised to take over.

With a unique sound that has alternative and electronic influences, and deep urban undertones, Rockie continues to break barriers and defy conventions. Fresh’s debut mixtape “Rockie’s Modern Life” was released in December of 2009, quickly propelling him into Chicago stardom as fans and tastemakers across the city began echoing the name of a new hometown hero.

In the year following, Rockie continued to outdo himself with the release “The Otherside” and “Driving 88″,  breaking through to widespread critical acclaim. XXL Magazine gave “Driving 88″ an XL rating (4/5 stars), and Complex proclaimed that it “is sure to establish Rockie as a force to be reckoned with”. The project also caught the attention of rap sensations Rick Ross and Diddy, and landed Rockie a spot as the newest member of Ross’ Maybach Music Group.

Coming off of his signing, Rockie hit the road touring nationally in support of his 2013 “Electric Highway” mixtape, which was released to many accolades and been downloaded over 250,000+ times to date.  Now preparing to release his debut studio album, the young artist is poised to propel himself to even greater heights.

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