Lotic is the resident DJ at Janus, a Berlin party that specializes in the more unusual—and the particularly American-derived—strains of club music, with recent headliners like TOTAL FREEDOMMykki Blanco, and DJ Sliink. The Janus crew moved around for a handful of events before finding a more permanent dancefloor at Chester’s, a small venue in the heart of the unbelievably hip Kreuzberg neighborhood. Lotic tells me that Chester’s feels like home, and that after nearly two weeks away from its DJ booth, he’s started to miss it.

Following up his debut single on Brooklyn-based record label Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Lotic—J’kerian Morgan—explores themes of destruction and rebirth, moving from the melancholy tape loop of “Sankofa,” released in January 2013, to the sharp, unpolished contours of “Dust.” I asked him to explain the sentiment behind the new release and he told me about rage, fury, and one particular image he had in mind of huge tentacled metal robots crushing everything and turning the world into a desert wasteland. Badass!

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