Dotter, aka Alexandra Hay, is a San Francisco-based electronic music producer who creates beat-based worlds where instrumental fragments and glimpses of humanity float in vast spaces.

Growing up in rural New Zealand, she wrote songs and made tape recordings of birds and waterfalls, beginning an obsession with sound that led her deep into an academic career of art music composition. Always interested in sounds that refuse categorization, she played Indonesian gamelan, made countless field recordings and won awards for instrumental works that made extensive use of multiphonics and microtonal textures. This dedication led her to Berlin and Vienna to study the work of the Expressionist composers, and then to Stanford in 2010.

It was in the USA that she first fell in love with club sonics and embraced her deep desire to make music that is intelligent, immersive and fundamentally physical. Inspired by Burial, The Field, DMA classmate Holly Herndon and her professor Robert Henke, Dotter has emerged with a unique world that illuminates objects and bodies in liminal spaces, with the intensity to produce dancefloor freakouts.

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