Dirty South Joe

Joey “Dirty South Joe” Massarueh began his professional DJ career in 1990 at Washington D.C.’s infamous 9:30 Club, where he pioneered a multi genre style of DJing that rings more popular than ever today. Rap music was his first love, and an eventual move to NYC in the mid nineties provided the backdrop for his personal growth in hip hop, which incidentally led him back to his dirty South roots. In 2002 he relocated to Philadelphia, where he began his tenure as the buyer and manager of Armand’s Records. It was there that he met kindred musical spirits; DJs Low Budget (also an employee) and Diplo. Armand’s was the de facto home base and inspiration behind the Hollertronix sound and “movement.” It was also there where he fell in love with the sound of Baltimore Club Music, and released a final EP with the Responsible Space Playboy crew, buoyed by the Bmore inspired “Jussapimp,” which was Philly’s first official foray into the genre. Joe runs The Brick Bandits Crew which one of, if not the most formidable force within today’s Baltimore Club music scene. With over 60 members. Dirty South Joe has done a series of mixes with Mad Decent such as LuvStep, and Blood Bros and is also the mastermind behind Mad Decent Mondays in Philadelphia.

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